Solekia is an ICT service integrator which creates high added value with customers.

Solution & Services

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To solve customer's management issues, Solekia utilizes business processes, know-hows and comprehension deeply related to IT, and provides comprehensive consultation, starting with planning, system design, application development, moreover, selecting and supplying the most suitable hardware, operation to maintenance of completed systems.

  • 1Technology Products Business Sector
    We are engaged in ASIC development and sale of semiconductors, and other component devices, and network storage equipments in Japan and outside with high value-added products and services along with technology development and marketing capabilities.

    Solution & Services - ASIC

  • 2Service Integration Business Sector
    We work on the state-of-the-art technology such as cloud computing, smartphone, tablet, and provide solutions to respond to customer's needs in consulting, construction, operation, maintenance.
  • 3ICT Solution Business Sector
    By coordinating various services depending on the categories and conditions of a wide range of business activities such as ERP, BCP, environment, and energy-saving corresponding to needs of government municipal offices and local government authorities, manufacturing, distribution, agricultural cooperatives, consumers' cooperative association, financial operations, healthcare industries and so on, we offer our own best solutions.
  • 4Infrastructure Service Sector
    We support customer's system across the board such as IT infrastructure design, construction, system monitoring, help desk, BCP drafting, and disaster recovery program from each service centers at the Metropolitan, North Kanto, Shinetsu, and Kansai area.


Solekia provides total support to customers through 4 fields; "Consultation" , "Hardware" , "Software" , and "Support & Service".

■Business consultation
■Networking consultation
■System consultation
■LSI design consultation
< ICT Sales >
■PC for companies, Various servers, Networking equipments etc.
< Sale of various electronic devices and components >
■RFID, Sensor devices, Smart grid, Related products,
  Various components, ASIC, and General purpose LSIs

< Software >
■Buisiness application development, Control system development,
  Communication software development, Embedded software development,
  Cloud system development, Firmware development
■LSI design

< Application Management >
■Web service, Legacy migration, Maintenance and training

< SI solution >
■SCM, CRM, ERP, Global accounting system etc.

< Network solution services >
■Secure network & VPN

< Outsourcing Services >
■Help Desk, Housing, Hosting

< Data Center & IDC >

Support & Service
< Field Services >
■Maintenance service, Infrastructure construction, Operative service,
  Security service(Diagnosis, Monitor, Anti-virus software:
  protection/removal), Kitting service
■Data backup and recovery

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