Solekia is an ICT service integrator which creates high added value with customers.


September 1958
Kobayashi Denzai Co. Ltd., was established with a starting capital of ¥500,000 in Japanese Yen as an affiliate of Totoku Electric Co., Ltd., a distributor for Fujitsu Limited and a dealer for Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
April 1965
Became a semiconductor distributor of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
April 1967
Became a distributor of Fujitsu's FACOM computers.
June 1969
Corporate name changed to Kobayashi Denshi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
October 1970
Capital increased to ¥30 million in Japanese Yen.
Became the authorized distributor of Fujitsu FACOM computers.
December 1984
Capital increased to ¥106 million in Japanese Yen.
April 1987
Capital increased to ¥300.2 million in Japanese Yen.
October 1987
Awarded dealership of Fujitsu system products.
April 1990
Capital increased to ¥651.7 million in Japanese Yen and listed in Tokyo Over-the-Counter Stock Market. (Current Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ(standard))
August 1997
Capital increased to ¥1,208.5 million in Japanese Yen.
March 1998
Established Kobaden Singapore Pte. Ltd. (KDSP) in Singapore. (Current Solekia Singapore PTE. LTD.)
April 1999
Established subsidiary company Kobaden Products Corp. in Japan. (Current Solekia Platz Corp.)
November 1999
Capital increased to ¥2,293 million in Japanese Yen.
October 1999
Concluded a partnership contract with Fujitsu Limited.
April 2002
Corporate name changed to Solekia Limited.
December 2004
Canceled OTC dealings at JSDA and Listed on JASDAQ.
April 2010
As a result of the merger between the JASDAQ Securities Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange, our Company is now listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ. (Current Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ(standard))
May 2012
SOLEKIA VIETNAM LIMITED started operations. (Capital invested by Solekia Limited)
July 2013
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ(standard), after merger of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
April 2014
Relocated head office to 8-16-6, Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo.

History of Solekia

Solekia has grown steadily for more than 50 years since the foundation of the company (1958), and now builds a network of Branches and Support & Service Centers all over Japan to serve our customers in the neighborhood.

Solekia will adhere to its mission, "corporate value enhancement" by strengthening human resource and technology capability, and continue challenging and stepping forward to a new world.

Kobayashi Denzai Co. Ltd.,

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