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Solekia Group Code of Conduct

Promulgated as of March 24, 2004
Amended as of January 27, 2016


  1. To win, maintain and enhance customers' confidence and trust under such rapidly changing business circumstances, Solekia Group must, at all times, contribute to customers and the society through new and attractive business activities and build up its corporate value day by day. This Solekia Group Code of Conduct ("Solekia Code") is prepared to make clear the common corporate philosophy and value shared with stakeholders and to establish the strong relationship of mutual trust with them so that Solekia Group can contribute to the sustainable growth of the society and secure the prosperous future of Solekia Group.
  2. Solekia Group will take in advance the new market direction and trends so as to create new value for customers' satisfaction and will work hard to help realize a happy and contented society, rich both morally and materially. This is the Solekia Group Mission. To accomplish such Mission, Solekia Group will aim to be a trusted company supported in the society by way of conducting the business activities in a fair and faithful manner in accordance with this Solekia Code as well as the fundamentals of "Law Compliance" and "Business Ethics". Every individual of Solekia Group--officers, directors and employees-- is absolutely required to do business activities in compliance with this Solekia Code.
  3. This Solekia Code is comprised of the following eight (8) chapters.
  4. Chapter 1 General Rules
  5. Chapter 2 Relationship with Customers
  6. Chapter 3 Relationship with Business Partners
  7. Chapter 4 Relationship with Stockholders and Investors
  8. Chapter 5 Relationship with Society
  9. Chapter 6 Relationship with People
  10. Chapter 7 Management of Information and Assets
  11. Chapter 8 Operational Rules and Structure

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Chapter 1 General Rules

1. Basic Principles

  1. This Solekia Code sets forth the detailed responsibilities of every individual of Solekia Group and the basic principles are stated below:
  2. (1) To conduct business activities in a faithful and fair manner, in accordance with the fundamentals of "Law Compliance" and "Business Ethics" in mind;
  3. (2) To do business based on " the customer's point of view";
  4. (3) To respect each individual and gather the wisdom of many;
  5. (4) To achieve the profitable growth and expansion of the business; and
  6. (5) To carry out social corporate responsibilities.

2. Observance of this Solekia Code

  1. (1) Solekia Group will faithfully fulfill all the promises and statements set forth in this Solekia Code.
  2. (2) No individual of Solekia Group will take advantage of his/her position or role for private interests. Solekia Group does not allow any individual to act against any law, regulation, fair business practices, company policy/internal rules for whatever reason, even for company's benefits or order/instructions given by the superiors/management.
  3. (3) All the management and executives of each Solekia Group company must strongly recognize their responsibilities to follow this Solekia Code; to make all details of this Solekia Code well known to and understood by every employee; and to carry out all the necessary actions under their responsibilities.
  4. (4) To ensure observance of this Solekia Code and right company activities, responsible organizations in charge, inclusive of the Compliance Committee, must formulate necessary rules/manuals/guidance, and take all the necessary actions such as training and consultation accordingly.

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Chapter 2 Relationship with Customers

  1. (1) Every individual of Solekia Group will use his/her best efforts to proactively grasp customers' business activities and needs, and will keep close communications with customers all the time to find the right solution earnestly and faithfully, standing on the customers' side. Thus, we at Solekia Group will work hard to provide better and useful products and services to customers based on the agreed terms and conditions.
  2. (2) Quality, reliability, safety, information security, and environments are key factors for products and services to customers and of paramount importance to Solekia Group as well. Solekia Group will continue to work hard to offer higher quality of products and services so as to gain more confidence, trust and satisfaction from customers.
  3. (3) To enhance customers' satisfaction, Solekia Group will gather the wisdom of many, and continue to be creative and achieve further improvements of products and services for customers.
  4. (4) To realize the customers' satisfaction, Solekia Group will drive innovation forward, working together with those business partners who are challenging for innovative operations continuously.

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Chapter 3 Relationship with Business Partners

  1. (1) As its corporate policy, Solekia Group will engage in fair and free competition and deal with business partners in good faith, fair and lawful manners, with a view to building up the relationship of trust with such partners.
  2. (2) Solekia Group will not allow any individual of the company to use his/her business position or role in pursuit of personal gain and/or to create any kind of private monetary relationship with business partners, for any reason.
  3. (3) Solekia Group has the unshakable anti-corruption policy and respects "fair play" in doing business activities in all marketplaces. Any entertainment, gift and anything of value to offer shall be confined within the scope of sound transactions in line with fair business practices and social common sense and shall be limited to legitimate, bona fide expenditures free from corrupt intent, without causing any hindrance to sound transactions.
  4. (4) No offer of cash payment, entertainment, gift or any kind of value shall be made, directly or indirectly, to any government (such as local government, semi-governmental organization, and foreign government) or to government officials/employees or politicians, in violation of the applicable laws/regulations and sound business practices or beyond the level commonly accepted in the society.

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Chapter 4 Relationship with Stockholders and Investors

  1. (1) Solekia Group is determined to conduct innovative and sound business operations for profitable growth and to increase the corporate value so that Solekia Group can return the reasonable profit to stockholders in the end.
  2. (2) Solekia Group discloses the precise corporate information to stockholders and other investors in a timely manner for the business transparency.
  3. (3) No individual of Solekia Group will take advantage of non-public information about Solekia Group itself and/or business partners, to make his/her own transactions of valuable securities including purchase and sale of stocks or to give benefits or conveniences to any third person.

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Chapter 5 Relationship with Society

1. Local Community

  1. (1) Recognizing itself as a member of the local community and society, Solekia Group will strive to help realize the healthy development of the region and comfortable, safe and secure living environment, together and in harmony with the local community.
  2. (2) Solekia Group pledges to take swift actions to support the local community on the occurrence of emergency such as large-scale natural disasters.

2. Environment

  1. (1) Solekia Group will strive to protect the environment on the Earth so as to help realize the sustainable development of the society symbiotic with the Earth.
  2. (2) Solekia Group will monitor environmental effects of its own business activities and take appropriate actions for environmental attention and preservation for continuous improvements accordingly.

3. Contributions/Donations

  1. (1) Before making contributions/donations, Solekia Group makes it practice to carefully study each case, right or wrong, from the viewpoint of sociality, publicness and validity.
  2. (2) It is the Solekia Group corporate policy not to make any sort of inappropriate contributions/donations to politicians or political organizations.

4. Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

  1. (1) Solekia Group represents and warrants that Solekia Group has never had any kind of relationship with Anti-Social Forces in the past and pledges not to fall under any of Anti-Social Forces in future.
  2. (2) With full understanding that anti-social activities are major obstructive factors against wholesome social development, Solekia Group will not do any anti-social activities.
  3. (3) Solekia Group is committed to a policy of refusing unreasonable demands by Anti-Social Forces, if any, and of preventing and eliminating any possible relationship with Anti-Social Forces in a resolute attitude.

5. International Relations

  1. (1) It is the Solekia Group corporate policy to follow applicable laws and regulations in each country as well as international treaties and rules concerning "Corruption Prevention" and to do business activities with transparency and fairness so that we can build up the relationship of trust with others, as a member of the international society.
  2. (2) Because of differences of language, culture and customs in the respective regions of the world, there are cases where certain business behavior and practice socially acceptable in one culture, region or country are interpreted differently and occasionally unacceptable. Solekia Group will conduct business activities, with due attention to said cultural and regionaldifferences as one of global enterprises.
  3. (3) Solekia Group will contribute to local economic development of each overseas country where its business activities are conducted.

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Chapter 6 Relationship with People

  1. (1) In recruiting activities, employment, training, promotion, and others like job application and working conditions of employees, Solekia Group respects human rights and will not discriminate any people for the reason of nationality, race, sex, religion, age, physical disability or other factors that have nothing to do with the rightful interests of Solekia Group's business.
  2. (2) Solekia Group knows well that the inquiring minds and creative actions by each individual, as gathered together, serve as a motive and driving force for successful innovations of the company. Each individual of Solekia Group will work hard to achieve self-realization by courageous and unending challenges for the future, by holding high goals and objectives, and respecting the individuality of each other.
  3. (3) Solekia Group is determined to make good and faithful business decisions each based on sufficient information, after reaching its belief that such decision is the best choice for the company interests.
  4. (4) Solekia Group will offer equal opportunities for those employees who desire to demonstrate their abilities, make self-improvements, and study more. Solekia Group also respects the diversity, personality and individuality for fair and right performance evaluation.
  5. (5) Solekia Group is determined to maintain healthy, safe and productive working environments free from unfair discrimination and harassment, for employees to secure lively and worthwhile working places.

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Chapter 7 Management of Information and Assets

1. Protection of Personal Information

  1. (1) Solekia Limited formulated its "Personal Information Protection Management System" in reference to "Personal Information Protection Management Systems-Requirements (JISQ 15001)" and will use its best efforts to protect personal information properly with management and employees working together.

2. Management of Confidential Information

  1. (1) Solekia Group firmly believes that "information" is a valuable corporate asset. Every individual of Solekia Group must protect with due and prudent attention and secure in safe custody any confidential information received from business partners including suppliers and customers or known in the course of his/her works.
  2. (2) Every individual of Solekia Group has the obligation not to leak, disclose or improperly use any confidential information received during the term of employment without taking authorization procedures designated by the company, during the term of employment and even after retirement or termination of employment.

3. Management of Assets

  1. (1) Solekia Group respects intellectual property rights of others, and must not knowingly violate or misuse such intellectual property rights.
  2. (2) No individual of Solekia Group may use any assets of the company, either tangible or intangible, for private purposes.

Chapter 8 Operational Rules and Structure

  1. (1) Any changes, modifications, amendments or abolition of this Solekia Code must be carefully discussed at the Compliance Committee as the first step and must be approved by the Board of Directors Meeting of Solekia Limited.
  2. (2) Corporate Affairs Division of Solekia Limited is in charge of administering this Solekia Code and responsible for making advice and suggestions to internal organizations and Solekia Group companies for implementation of this Solekia Code.
  3. (3) The Compliance Committee of Solekia Limited audits the status of implementation of this Solekia Code.
  4. (4) This Solekia Code is applied also to temporary or contract employees and the compliance with this Solekia Code constitutes the integral part of the employment contract. The responsible manager in the division or department must explain in detail to employees and is obligated to ensure that such employees follow this Solekia Code without fail.
  5. (5) In case any individual of Solekia Group discovers an actual or potential violation of this Solekia Code or commits a violation of this Solekia Code inadvertently or otherwise, such individual must immediately report to his/her superiors and relevant organizations and also to the Compliance Committee. None of the whistleblowers shall be unfairly treated or given disadvantageous treatment for the reason of such whistleblowing actions.
  6. (6) Violation of this Solekia Code is punished by sanctions or disciplinary actions pursuant to internal company rules and regulations such as employment regulations of Solekia Limited and its Group companies.

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